About the Mentor Programs at Northwest Woodworking Studio

The Mentor Program at the Northwest Woodworking Studio is a great opportunity for students to delve deeper into the art and craft of woodworking. There are three options for students who want to pursue mastery level training.

1. Resident Mentor Program

The Resident Mentoring Program offers an intensive nine month course of study in fine furniture making. Up to four Resident students a year are given bench space in the Studio studying the techniques of hand and power tool use, joinery, fine cabinet construction, finishing, and design.

The course of study lasts for nine months starting in October. The application deadline is September 15th. Students will be able to work in the Studio Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Through designing and building significant pieces over the course of nine months, students will learn principles and technique of furniture design and have the freedom to exercise their own creativity. Learn More

2. Local Mentor Program

Designed for serious woodworkers who want to build their skills and learn how to push the boundaries of what they believe are their capabilities–but can’t or don’t want to quit their day jobs. Part of the time, the students will work in a self-directed manner, in their own shops. This one-on-one study program in fine furniture making focuses on design, joinery, and building skills. Students will design and construct a total of 10 pieces over two years as well as visit the Studio for a series of lectures, demonstrations, and critiques. The goal is to teach people how to design and build furniture of the highest quality even if they have full time responsibilities. Learn More

3. Distance Mentor Program

This intensive study program in fine furniture making is designed for self-directed and motivated students who reside outside the Portland area. The goal is to teach people how principles of furniture design and woodworking techniques that give them a launching point for their own creativity. The Distance Mentoring Program runs for a period of two years. Entry is during the  Fall term only. Throughout the two years there are three 4-5 day seminars that occur during fall, winter and spring. These are beefed up significantly by on-line and telephone time with Gary Rogowski scheduled throughout the term during which projects, designs, techniques, and general concerns are discussed. Over the two years, the students design and build ten significant pieces of work. Learn More


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